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10 - Routines to Energize Your Day!

10 Things I like about staying home and staying safe. These routines energize me and I want to share them with you: Adopt what you like, create your own, just set your intention to create and honor your own daily routine. Here's my list!

1. Awakening to the anticipating of my morning cup of coffee, toast with jam, banana, and watching CBS This Morning.

2. Taking my morning shower. As the hot water surrounds my body, I visualize it as washing away all the doubt, anxiety, disappoint, and emotional residue brought forward from the day before.

3. My morning meditation. Quiet time to reflect on “what is mine to be, do and have today? My meditation actually begins in the shower and carries through this sacred time. (15 minutes to 45 minutes.)

4. Return my “space” to neutral. Make the bed, wash the dishes, sweep the floor. The satisfaction of seeing and feeling things in order, reminds me that I have dominion on my domain.

5. Check-in with my ElderPride Beloveds. (This post!) Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. Offer a word of encouragement where inspired to do so, and I relish in seeing our community be in connection with one another.

6. Have a light lunch on the patio, or near the window adjacent to the patio. I watch nature unfolding around me. Trees budding, grass growing and birds singing the songs of spring.

7. WCI-Daily. Each day at 4:00 p.m. PDT ElderPride hosts a wellness check-in call. It’s a drop in call. Attendance encouraged but not required. Our virtual “How are you doing?” call. It’s a safe place to tell the truth, gain the required insights for moving through, going around or rising above any challenge one might be facing right here, right now.

8. Watching Rachael Maddow. It’s all the news I need to know. I feel informed, and I really don’t need it delivered in any other way.

9. Ending the day talking with my beloved Avery. While we are physically separated, each on separate coasts, our hour-long check-in each night, reminds us, that in God – there is no separation.

10. Reflection. I endeavor to count things I’m grateful for, rather that sheep. Should I awaken during the night, I gently ease myself back to sleep by thinking of something else that I am grateful for until I fall asleep once again.

Someone recently asked me: “Aren’t you bored sitting at home all the time? My answer was no; I told them: “My commitment to my self-care routine energizes me. I am actually surprised at how fast the day goes by and I am in anticipation for the new day coming.” - RJ

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