31 Days of Giving

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Giving is what we came here to do. The investment for a life well lived is to give graciously of your time, talents and treasures.” – Rev. Jack:

Good Morning Friends of ElderPirde.

Today, November 30th, is “Giving Tuesday” across the land. We are all encouraged to donate our time, talent, and treasure to our favorite charity or non-profit. And, YES, we hope you’ll think of ElderPride today as you make you donations. However, we also want you to join us in a very special campaign. A campaign for healing through giving.

Giving isn’t always about money. You can give of your time and talents as well. We also know that many of our elders in the LGBTGQ+ community are living on a fixed income or being prudent with their money. So, this year, we’ve structured the 31-Days of Giving to illustrate that your life is abundant with ways to give that doesn’t include money.

There’s also a spiritual principle that comes from giving. When you give of your time, talent, and treasure – unconditionally, magical gifts come back to you. Therefore, we invite you to join our community in our 31 Days of Giving Campaign. Here’s how it works:

For each of the 31 days of December, each day you will give of your time, talent, or treasure. The Intention: To give without expectation of receiving – anything. The goal for is to make it a daily practice to give of your time, talent, and treasure (without expectation) daily for 2022. All we ask, is that you to be willing to see the ripple effect of kindness, the flow of good will, and the joy of being the catalyst for change in someone else’s life.

Expect a Miracle

If you play full out, I promise you will receive multiple little miracles throughout the month. With that in mind, we ask you to keep account of all the surprising gifts that comeback to you. No matter how small – catch the love being sent your way. Express the gratitude for each and every gift received.

You are always at choice as to how you participate, so YES, you may replace any suggestion with your own act of giving. Out list (excluding day 30 and 31) are merely suggestions.

Finally, begin with including ElderPride in your Giving Tuesday activities. You may donate directly by visiting and clicking on the “DONATE” button. And then, commit to having the most magical December you’ve ever had by participating in our 31 Days of Giving Campaign.

Thank you in advance for supporting ElderPride as we serve and support our LGBTQ+ elders and those who love them. Happy Holidays Everyone!

31 Days for Giving Daily Assignments:

Day 1: Give yourself the gift of a brand-new journal. You’ll want to keep track of your experiences during this campaign of giving.

Day 2: Select three people in your contacts or address book. (Someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.) Send a text or a social media post saying: “You came to mind today, and I simply wanted to say hello and wish you and yours the best this holiday season.” Nothing more. Release the expectation for any response.

Day 3: Put some cash or coin in an envelop. Set the intention to give it away – today.

Day 4: Call a friend. Pick up the phone and call someone you have not talked with in at least one-month. If you get their voice mail, leave the following: “You were on my mind today. Just calling to say hello and to affirm all is well with you and yours.” (Do not ask them to call you back. Release any expectation of hearing back from there.

Day 5: The goal today is to keep someone warm. Go to your closet and find that coat you never wear; a pair of socks you never wear; a sweater you never seem to wear;, or a pair of jeans that no longer fit. Take them to Goodwill, the Church Giving Bin or to curbside resident. – today.

Day 6: Sweep a neighbor’s walk or shovel the snow from their path. Do it even if you think they are fully capable of doing it themselves. Attempt to do it anonymously or at a time they most likely will not see you doing it.

Day 7: Give where you are spiritually fed. This is in addition to any pledge or gift you already give. Donate a candle for the alter or a potted Poinsettia. A bag of mints for the lobby, or muffins for the staff.

Day 8: Write three (3) anonymous notes with the following message. “Greetings, this note is just to say hello and to let you know that someone is thinking of you today and sending warm thoughts and well wishes.” – Sign it your secret friend. Address the envelope to: “Someone Special!”

Day 9: Honor a mentor. Think of a teacher that made a difference. If they are living, send them a note of appreciation via email, social media, or text. If they have passed, Tell someone about them, and the difference they made in your life. You might post a testimony on Facebook, or social media platform that will inspire others.

Day 10: Ask a friend to proofread a very important letter. When they receive the letter, they will see it’s a letter you’ve written to them, about them. The letter will reflect your appreciation and gratitude that they are in your life.

Day 11: Make a commitment to volunteer wherever you are spiritually fed. This is sacred service. You may not serve today but gain agreement for your commitment to serve and honor that agreement.

Day 12: Pay it forward. Pay the toll of someone behind you. Bridge toll, bus far, or Lyft/Uber’s Giving option on their App.

Day 13: It’s White Elephant Day. Take a gift that you have been given. Bless the giver, then re-grift it to someone else you believe will appreciate it.

Day 14: Make a coffee or tea date. Call a friend and ask them to Tea. Be willing to go to them; (near their home or work). The intention is to be fully present to listen and make them smile. (If need be, this date could be via phone or Zoom, if need be.)

Day 15: Post three affirmations that are special to you on Social Media. Not a quote, but an affirmation. “I am grateful for each and every breath!” Then comment to your followers as to why this affirmation speaks to you. Ask them to share their favorite affirmation.

Day 16: Write a check or make an on-line donation to a charity that you admire. If you mail the check add a note of appreciation that praises their work. If you give online offer your praise in the comment box or via email.

Day 17: Share your play list. Share a link to your Pandora or Spotify Playlist. Make sure that the playlist is uplifting, affirming or soothing. If you can not share your playlist, list your three favorite inspirational songs to your followers on social media.

Day 18: Pray for someone else’s highest and best; someone that has annoyed you or wronged you.

Day 19: Bake some cookies or muffins divide the batch into 3 equal batches. Give 1/3 to a neighbor; 1/3 to a group you see being in service to others. (You Center, Church, Synagogue, Mosque or other non-profit. – dropped them off). Keep the final 1/3 for yourself.

Day 20: Today is a day of gratitude. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for today. Share it with someone else.

Day 21: A Day of Selfcare: Get a hair cut, facial, pedicure, massage. Listen to all your favorite holiday songs and the joy that is stirred up from the memory.

Day 22: Bless your sanctuary today. Make your bed; straighten your desk; purge your closet; fluff a pillow; water the plants. As you complete each task, express your appreciation (out loud) for each item. “Chair, I give thanks for the comfort you always give me.”

Day 23: Praise excellence in customer service day. Catch someone doing something good. If you typically tip 15% do 20% today. Write a compliment on the Merchant’s Copy of the Receipt. Ask to speak to the Supervisor to praise the good work of one of their employees.

Day 24: Affirm the gift that is you. Greet yourself in the mirror and say: “I see you; I appreciate you: and I am my own best ally.”

Day 25: Celebrate the Joy you see. Be the demonstration of Peace. Rejoice in the love that surrounds you seen and unseen.

Day 26: Give yourself a new inspiration. Buy a new book, select a new song; watch a new film or new program.

Day 27: Inventory your gifts that you have: The song, the painting, the writing, the listening, the insight, decide how you will give that gift in the New Year. Be willing to give without expectation of anything coming back to you.

Day 28: Note your pledge for financial giving to wherever you are Spiritually fed in the New Year.

Day 29: Emancipation Day. It’s purge day. Release any clothing you have not worn in the year before. Clear the pantry of anything you will no longer eat. Clear your “contacts” of anyone you no longer feel blesses your life.

Day 30: Forgive someone today. Write them a letter. Complete these sentence stems:

Dear ____________

I am writing you with the intention of forgiveness. What I want you to know is… What I didn’t want you to know is… What I am now willing to release is… I give thanks for the lesson learned. I release any expectation of you and bless you to know what is for the highest and best in the New Year. Sincerely, _____________

Instructions: Once you complete the letter, read it, hold it next to your heart, bless the recipient and then exhale. Now, cross out the name in the salutation and write your own name. Read the letter aloud as if you are receiving it from your higher self.

Day 31: Exhale. Give thanks for the blessings of the year you are now releasing and envision

your intention for a magnificent new year:

Keep Us Informed: We want to hear how it is going. Post your comments below or on our Facebook page. (

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