5 Ways to Make Aging in Place Safter and Easier

Are you committed to aging at home? Before you can age in place, you need to plan how you’ll stay safe at home throughout your senior years. ElderPride shares five changes you can make to support your goal of aging in place.

Guest contributor Ted James ( Tedknowsmoney.com_ offers our elder LGBTQ+ (and those that love them) these insights for making aging in place safer and easier. Enjoy!

Start an exercise program

Regular exercise is one of the smartest things seniors can do to prevent falls. While it’s more difficult to build muscle when you’re older, strength- and balance-training exercises slow age-related mobility changes and reduce the risk that a minor stumble turns into a major injury.

It’s always smart to talk to your doctor before starting an exercise regimen, especially if you have a history of falls or a chronic illness or disability. However, seniors in good health shouldn’t be nervous about getting active. Exercise is safe and healthy for seniors, and there are lots of resources available to help older adults develop an exercise plan that matches their goals.

Outsource your housekeeping

Quick chores become major endeavors as you age. It’s one reason why so many seniors choose to downsize to a smaller home that’s easier to maintain. With less space to clean, you can dedicate less time to housekeeping and more to enjoying your life.

Even if you don’t mind a little mess, it’s important to keep up with housekeeping for your safety. Clutter is a serious fall hazard, and a single item out of place could be the difference between a safe late-night bathroom trip and a visit to the hospital. If you still work and do so out of your home, ZenBusiness notes there are other hazards to keep in mind too such as scattered paperwork or dust near coffee pots or space heaters.

If you don’t have time to tackle your housekeeping, consider hiring a professional to come in a few days a week. They can ensure your home is clean and clutter-free.

Make your home accessible

Homeowners worry that installing grab bars and entrance ramps will harm the value of their home, but modern designs make it possible for seniors to remodel for aging in place while maintaining their home’s aesthetic.

Converting front steps to a gently-sloping walkway, installing towel bars that double as grab bars, and replacing door knobs with lever handles are a few changes that make your home safer and keep it looking great. Hartford Funds lists other remodeling projects that improve home safety and what you can expect to pay for various home improvements.

Or, buy a new home

Most older homes weren’t designed with aging occupants in mind. If you purchased your home years ago, it may have long, narrow staircases, a second-floor master suite, and other safety hazards that are costly to change.

Instead of spending a fortune remodeling, buy a new house that’s better suited to aging in place. You’ll still achieve your goal of aging at home, but without the inconvenience of a home filled with fall hazards.

Plan for caregiving

Coordinating caregiving can be stressful, so it’s best to think about what you’ll do for in-home care before you need it. Many seniors rely on family for unpaid caregiving. However, you shouldn’t count on family stepping in unless you’ve already discussed it — becoming a caregiver is a big sacrifice that not everyone can afford, no matter how much they want to. Even if your adult children have agreed to provide care, arrange part-time in-home care for more specialized needs and times that your loved ones aren’t around. Today’s Caregiver explains how to screen and hire in-home caregivers.

With the right adaptations, many seniors thrive aging at home. However, aging in place isn’t right for everyone. If your home needs too many changes or you’re unable to coordinate affordable, reliable in-home care, consider a move to assisted living instead. You’ll be amazed at the independence you gain when your home and community are perfectly designed for your needs.

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