As LGBTQIA+ Elders We Must Advocate for our Youth!

Say Something! Do Something! Now!

As LGBTQIA+ elders, we must demonstrate to our queer youth that we see them and that we have their backs. Legislation in both Texas and Florida is endeavoring to reverse 50 years of advancement. As elders, are we willing to let this happen? If you are not fully enticed to "Act Up" once again, I implore you to read the New York Times article: "Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Will Hurt Teens Like Me!" By Will Larkins.

Mr. Larkins deserves our allyship. He is a junior at Winter Park High School in Winter Park, Florida. He is the president and co-founder of the school’s Queer Student Union and one of the organizers of its Say Gay Anyway walkout. Mr. Larkin tells the very traumatic story of how then Florida legislation (as well as the Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia pending or proposed) legislations is horrific. We must say something (write a letter). Say something (make a donation). Or, at the very least, post a supportive comment on Mr. Larkin's @twitter feed to let him know that we see him, support him, and have our hand at his back.

Please read the full New York Times Article here:

Don't have time for a full read now? Check out this @twitter post now.

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