• Rev. Jack

Connection and Advocacy: We’re Calling YOU into Service

AARP's recent Maintaining Dignity Survey (a survey of LGBTQ+ Adults Age 45-plus, in March of 2018) they found that 34% of our elder LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters feared they would have to hide their sexual identity in order to have access to suitable housing as they age. 76% are concerned about having adequate family and/or social supports to rely on as they age. This last statistic is why ElderPride came into being.

Marginalization and isolation are common fears of all elders; however, in our LGBTQ+ community it is significantly compounded. Especially for our brothers and sisters living outside of large cities. 71% of us live in towns, suburbs, or in rural areas where most likely must hide who we are to receive the medical care, housing, and spiritual connection that we desire. And it’s even worse for our Black and Latino brothers and sisters who face multiple layers of discrimination when it comes to the quality of their healthcare as they age? So, what is ours to do?

The answer is connection. We must come together with one another so that we can support one another as we journey on into the later years of our life. The one connection point available to all of us is social media. The ElderPride4me website is the platform for us to share information, make friends and to virtually support our elders to age forward with grace and ease. Help us make ElderPride4me a vital link to our greater community. If you are a writer – write. If you are a nutritional expert – share what you know. If you are a teacher, - share your insights. If you are advocating for a cause – let ElderPride4me be your soapbox.

We are searching for bloggers and content providers to make this sight vital to all that use it.

If you are 60-plus and identify as being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, then we are calling you into service. Let’s do this! Send us your proposals and ideas. We’d love to hear from you. You can email us directly at