• Rev. Jack

Daily Wellness Rituals

Keep your attention on your intention to live well and feel good in times like these. In times like these, your antidote to being blue or depressed requires a committed regime to your daily wellness rituals. We suggest that you honor all seven aspects of daily living. Each day put your attention on your intention for:

Spiritual Connection: Do what you do – intentionally. Yoga, exercise, meditation, daily reading and/or prayer. Start your day with a sacred hour for practicing your personal spiritual practice.

Personal Wellness and Hygiene: Act as if you are going to work. You may not put on a tie, or coveralls; but shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair and get dressed for the day. (Don’t wear the same thing today that you wore yesterday. Mix it up.) Take your medicine or supplements. Don’t take your meals in front of the TV. Maybe facetime with a friend and have lunch together.

Social Connection: Reach out to your peers and friends. Call an old high school friend. Check in on your favorite cousin. Respond to social posts rather than just “liking” them. Post a throw back photo to generate a conversation.

News and Self-Awareness: Don’t watch news all day long. Decide what works for you. NPR evening news; your favorite morning TV Show; limit your news watching. Get your news from a reliable source. World Health Organization (WHO) or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Read the comics first.

Environment: Make your bed. Do the dishes. Organize your desk. Clean out the hall closet, tool shed or garage. Don’t hibernate in your bedroom. Use all the rooms in your home for different things. Maybe read in the living room, work at the dinning room table one meal each day. Have coffee on the patio. Mix it up. Spend an hour a day -outside.

Personal Business Matters: Know your numbers – check bank balances frequently. Have some cash on hand and have more cash accessible. Set days for paying bills. Cancel re-occurring charges that you don’t use.

Fun: Read something humorous. Laugh every day. Share jokes and up lifting pictures. Set your intention to put a smile on someone else’s face each day.

Most of all, stay connected: Join us every Monday through Friday for WCI-Daily 4:30 PDT. It’s ElderPride’s way for keeping our community connected. And, join us each Sunday Morning for ElderPride Sundays! (7:30 a.m. PDT and 10:30 a.m. EDT.) Just click the Zoom-in Button for either broadcast! And remember, We’ve got this! - RJ

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