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Before your hit "Unsubscribe"

Updated: Jan 28

Dr. Judith Rich, PhD is a transformational leader. She is also a beloved friend and ally to our community. We are sharing her most recent post because we believe discernment matters.

Before you hit delete...

For those who are inclined, don't be so quick to "unsubscribe" from 2021. I implore you. To do so, is to misunderstand the process we are in and to abdicate your role in it.

Transformation is a messy process. It calls for nothing less than a death and a rebirth. We have been in the "death" part of that process for several years and it's not over yet. Because the calendar turned a page and we're in a new year does not mean that the "unfinished business" of all that has come before is complete. Far from it.

What is dying? The old paradigm of dominate and control, power over, might makes right, win/lose. These old systems indeed are dying, but the death takes place in consciousness first before we see it happening on the physical plane. The shift in consciousness that will bring about a collective transformation is still a work in progress and it's an all hands on deck, all souls on deck moment.

Now is not the time to leave the playing field because it's not going as quickly as you might prefer. If you are a stand for creating a world that works for everyone, then you must be willing to be the one who stands for it. Again and again and again.

To "unsubscribe" to this moment is to unsubscribe from being the creator of your life as this very moment is the one from you get to create your future. Yes, this moment, with all its ugliness and messiness, this moment with all its fear and pain, death and destruction. This is the moment we have. And you are here now.

Every possibility for creating the future we desire is present right now. It's up to each and every one of us to claim and occupy this moment with the full expression of our commitment to being the humans who stood in the rubble of history and sowed the seeds of love, caring, integrity, commitment and courage from which to build a new future.- Judith Rich

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