God is ALL

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

"... each of us is a creation of God, made of the God-substance, a unique, individualized incarnation of Spirit." - Ernest Holmes

The Science of Mind (SOM) is a faith, philosophy and a way of living. It is illustrated by a variety of CORE Concepts and Principles. Whatever your spiritual beliefs (or even if you have none) the SOM is meant to guide you on your journey. This blog illustrates these CORE CONCEPTS. Our ElderPride Practitioners and our students studying to become licensed Practitioners will share their insights and thoughts surrounding Core Concept One.


There is an activity side following each of the CORE Concepts for your Refection. This offers you a change to reflect on what you've read and understand about Core Concept One. Please post your reflections (and any questions that you might have) as a comment to this post.

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