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The Greatest Work in the World! by: Terry Cole-Whittaker

Terry Cole-Whittaker circa 1988 Whole Life Expo

40 Years ago, I met Terry Cole-Whittaker following a lecture of hers at the Marin Civic Center. That day was the launch of my Spiritual Journey. I found the philosophy of the Science of Mind through Terry. That became the foundation of my ministry. Today, Terry is still inspiring and asking us the prepositive questions that take us to a place of spiritual wonder. I invite you to check out her essay below and to visit her YouTube channel. Enjoy! And Thank you Terry for 40 years of inspiration.

There is no activity, work, or intention more valuable and important than one’s own self-realization and self-activation of one’s authentic, divine and eternal self, talents, resources, and creative powers. Your wealth is within you, waiting to be used to produce what you need and desire to prosper in every way, spiritually and materially.

Ingo Swan in his books, Secrets of Power I & II, explains that if you want to empower yourself, you need to know how you are being depowered. Why? Because ignorance is not bliss, its the cause of the suffering of humanity. A main way used to depower us, Ingo writes, is to keep the information of both these subjects hidden and not available, even denied and forced, through fear of imprisonment to comply with.

“The material bodies, qualities and activities of the atma (soul) are created by the material mind. That mind is itself created by maya (illusion). Because of the upadhis (deceiving one's self), the atma (soul) assumes material existence.”

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.5.6

Taking control of the mind and transforming it back into God consciousness, as your best friend, instead of worst enemy, is the master work. Making your life’s work to know and fulfill your spiritual purpose and mission as your number one priority, opens you to what is possible beyond what we have been word-controlled to believe.

Years ago, when I had the thought that I had no one to count on to support my daughters and me, but myself, I was so filled with fear that I couldn’t move off the sofa. I begged my inner guide, “Help me, what can I do?” I heard the still voice within me say, walk to the table. I did, and the trance was broken. I have been taking steps on the inner path of my heart’s desires, ever since. Persist and never give up on you.

Its that first step toward what you want to achieve that is the most difficult, especially if frozen in fear. Do something now, even the smallest step toward what you intend to manifest. Thoughts are made of sounds, don’t let sounds control you.

Say your success affirmation over and over until you believe it, because its true. “Every day, in a good way for all, I am prospering.” Break the spell! Be relentlessly enthused, inspired, and appreciative. Be the one who loves, inspires, and reaches out and helps others. because that is what we do. We rise and fall by whom and what we associate with by taking on their consciousness. Associate with your Source within.

Unless you do the work to find out the Truth, not from what is being broadly cast as the truth, but doing some deep digging into the work of independent researchers that can help you to attain what you choose and not continue to try play a loser game.

Work, buy, consume, die is racket of this world. Until you get how you have been conned. your suffering will continue. Transform any fear and guilt based mental state and make the mind happy, enthusiastic and inspired, instead of allowing discouraging or limiting words, yours or anyone’s, from convincing you otherwise. Consider the source and their intent and yours. Let your purpose and mission guide your choices.

“The atma (individual soul/self) is not subject to creation and destruction. It is different from the gross and subtle bodies since it is self-luminous. Like the ether, it is the support for everything. It is without change, without end, and beyond comparison.” Srimad Bhagavatam 12.5.8

Truth is knowing that there is only one power and that power is Absolute Goodness and Love. Any thought of sickness, poverty, bad fortune, suffering and even death of self/soul are hypnotic trances deeply implanted and reinforced by constant repetition. Thoughts translate into situations and forms with color and vibrations as the outer world through our emotions, intentions and actions. Faith is free of doubt.

Realizing this Truth that always is and never changes, is the foundation of spiritual healing, the mystic path and my work as a practitioner and teacher. This takes constant vigilance, work, and practice to build and maintain one’s God/Source consciousness and assist others to do the same. Discern who is good for you and who isn’t. Associate with great souls. That is why I study the ancient teachings of the Vedas.

When you have God consciousness, being in-tune with the Supreme Being Source of all, allows the Supreme Will to flow though you. The obstacles that were blocking your good fortune are gone and you are experiencing the sweetness of Divine Will for the topmost goodness of what is possible for even one of us. As, Yeshua the Essene said, is available for all who choose. You only need to ask for it and be willing.

Spiritualizing the mind and transforming it back to into God consciousness, as one’s best friend, instead of worst enemy is the master work, and by far the greatest reward possible.

Our Source is inconceivable and cannot be proven or dis-proven by words, theories, science, math, religion, philosophy, or intellectualism, all using words and numbers as their proof of theories, laws, and rules being the truth, that are all abstract concepts. All the words in this article are meant to empower you, but not believed as Truth, but pointing to the Truth that can ultimately only be realized, experienced and known within your soul/self. Trust your spiritual experiences and relationship with your inner guide and taste the Sweetness living in your hearts. Be there now!

“God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. I tell you truly, that the scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God (Source).” Essene Gospel of Peace teachings of Yeshua.

I invite you to watch the YouTube Videos that we have made for you to be inspired, enriched and empowered. Visit Stay in touch by email Please ask your questions and give your suggestions for topics. With appreciation and love, Dr. Terry

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