Holon Balance

Betty Harris RScP, and her partner Sue Miller are Rev. Jack's guests for this special SageTalk on Holon Balance.

Tom Kenyon offers: ( the following: "The vortex mechanics of your planet and solar system are speeding up, and as a result, time as you know it, is morphing. At the same time, there are developments and changes on Earth, and also in other sectors, that are affecting your destiny and the choices you will need to make."

Keyon offers: "These changes are occurring at such a rapid rate it is not possible to keep current with them in the old way. We are therefore instituting a system of planetary updates, which will appear regularly on this web site. We cannot say with what frequency or in what pattern they will appear. So we suggest you check this web site regularly if you are interested in such matters. As we conceive of this in the moment, we plan to address specific developments, as well as inner technologies that you may utilize to ride the waves."

Betty and Sue, make it personal for us. Here's the sage talk! One you visit the ElderPride YouTube Channel, please hit "like" and "subscribe." This helps us to grow our presence on YouTube and it keeps you informed about upcoming Videos! Enjoy!

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