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Kinship with Life

ElderPride Practitioner Betty Harris offers the following poem as a call to action to engage our Kinship with Life.

Kinship With Life

When we open to ourselves, our lives, and our Earth

as sacred, something changes. When we allow the

spirit of the Earth to touch us; when we live in contact

with the trees, the clouds, the moon, and the soil, when

we know that the animals and plants and rocks are our

neighbors, then something precious begins to awaken.

The forests become cathedrals, and the birds singing in

the trees become choirs. We experience all forms of life

as part of a great fellowship, and we begin to realize what

a tremendous privilege and joy it is to be able to live

harmoniously with the whole fabric of Creation.

Betty offers that the above is a page from The Awakened Heart, by John Robbins and Ann Mortifee, (P. 17). It is deeply healing to me and represents a visual that in times like these, I am yearning to experience – That “great fellowship” with “the whole fabric of Creation.”

Note: Betty Harris RScP, is a Trustee for ElderPride and a Licensed Practitioners with the Centers for Spiritual Living. You may contact Betty at

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