Legacy Matters: Elders Telling Their Stories

ElderPride's SageTalk - Guest Contributor Series

ElderPride believes telling our stories is essential to fully knowing how "our" world got to be the way that it is. Stories of survival illustrate for others (especially younger LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters) how to transcend challenges, adversities and set backs. ElderPride lifts up the amazing work of NOT ANOTHER SECOND!

When you visit the Not Another Second Website, You'll quickly learn that LGBTQIA seniors have demonstrated great resilience of humanity over hardship throughout the years, paving the way for a better and more accepting future for generations to come. Not Another Second – the first in a national series of cultural campaigns from Watermark Retirement Communities – tells the untold stories of 12 LGBT+ seniors and explores the years they lost due to societal constraints.

ElderPride wants you to know about this project that acknowledges the sacrifices and contributions of these seniors, celebrates their beauty and bravery and empowers them to share their words of wisdom with younger generations.

Take a look and listen to the sage advise of our elders:

For more information about the project visit: This blog is a part of ElderPride's SageTalks Guest Contributor Seriew?

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