Our Daily Prayer for 2022

Updated: Feb 7

The Value of Daily Prayer.

We believe, teach and affirm that affirmative prayer works. And when prayer is affirmed in community - amazing things happen. With that in mind, our ElderPride and CSL-Fresno community is committed to taking a little time each day to read the following prayer aloud. We invite you to join us by reading aloud "Our Daily Prayer" at least once each day.

Our Daily Prayer for 2022

Right here, and right now…

“I (state your name) pledge to learn to change, improve, and enlarge my belief system to cause my health, strength, and well-being to expand and cause me to be whole in every respect and regard.”

I will…

“…go forth to do my work in confidence and trust, knowing that whatever is necessary for me to do today, I can do and do quite well.”

I choose to live by the 5 Agreements. Which are…

I am impeccable with my word. I do not take anything personally. I do not make assumptions. I listen and discern, and I do my best – always.

I pledge that

I work, treat (pray), and trust, knowing that “I am guided and guarded into right action and made ready and fitted into my place in the grad scheme of the things.”

I (state your name) Live my life, my way! And so, it is!

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