Please meet Vita "V" Spears

ElderPride lifts up Vita "V" Spears as someone you should be watching! She's the TikTok Rachel Maddow.

Let's go under the desk with "V"! Imagine hearing all the news you needed to known, presented to you in under 2 minutes. That's what "V" does on TikTok.

Many compare her to Rachel Maddow and rightfully so. She delivers the news in a comforting and sincere way, that many of us haven't experience since Walter Cronkite. We believe that she is someone you should meet and listen to on TikTok! Follow her @underthedesknews. Below is the video I want you to watch. She's being interviewed by Abe Gurko. (More about him below.)

Click the link to learn more about "V" now.

Also meet: Abe Gurko. the host of "Won't Be Silent!" Abe has always been committed to finding truth and humor in a world obsessed with celebrity and politics. He is an "opinionator" (his own words) and worth a follow on his own right.

Abe's on TikTok as well! Tiktok :

From time to time, ElderPride will profile people in the LGBTQIA Community that we think you should meet. We're also open to suggestions! Who do you admire? Who are you watching? Would should we know more about? Email us at with your suggestions.

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