Racism Within: Black and Latinx Racism

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Racism is deplorable. However, when it's with your own tribe, your own community or family, it can forever harm your self-image. Please check out this Red Table Discussion hosted by Gloria Estefan. The Red Table gets heated as the Estefans discuss colorism within the Latin community. 1 in 4 Hispanics identify as Afro-Latino and many face discrimination from both their Black and Latin sides. Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown speaks candidly about how he grappled to accept his Cuban roots as a Black man.

The show also features singer and TV star, Amara La Negra, reveals how she experienced racism on the set of a popular television show. Plus, we break down the difference between Race and Ethnicity.

. Click here. To watch.

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