• Rev. Jack

Reflections on 2020

Thoughts and reflections at years end. - Rev. Jack

As 2020 winds down, we need take a collective breath. We are about to plummet down the final flip and curve of this 2020 roller coaster ride. Hang on - we’ve got this.

2020 has revealed that we are ready to face the dark night of our collective soul. What matters most is that each of us realize that we stood firm, even though our world was shaking. The country is also still standing. Yes, it stumbled and embarrassed it’s stance as the world leader for democracy, but yet, we’re still standing.

\We’ve also met the people who were willing to give up democracy in order to sustain their white privilege. And, at the same time, our country was tested by a virus, police brutality, and more lies than one can imagine from our President. In the test that was 2020 we barely received a passing grade.

In November, we voted for change. In fact, our vote was more a vote for democracythan it was for anyone candidate. But we voted, none the less. Voter suppression lost. Systematic racism lost - just barely. 

Now this final dip and curve looks like a third world coup attempt. But, we’re buckled in. Let’s do this! We will prevail. We must. Farewell 2020. I am grateful for the lessons revealed and learned. #blacklivesmatter

(c)2020 Rev. Jack Elliott. Rev. Jack is the founder and spiritual director of ElderPride.

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