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Remember When...?

On December 3rd, 2022 ElderPride's founding Spiritual Director the Rev. Jack Elliott (RJ) and ElderPride Member Kili launched "Remember When...?"

Introducing the Remember When…? Podcast Hosted by Rev. Jack Elliott (RJ) and Kiki! Sponsored by: ElderPride 2023

I invite you to notice what happens when I mention the names Ella Fitzgerald, Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Prince, Janis Joplin, Lena Horne, Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson, or Michael Jackson. When I speak the name of your favorite artist, I am sure it brings forth wonderful memories. What you are remembering, dare I say; what you are experiencing is their legacy. In your mind you are transported back to a special time and place. These artists have their music to serve as the vessel of their legacy. Others, like you and I, also have a vessel.

We have our stories don’t we.

Now, imagine your favorite elder saying to you: “Dear one. Please, come over here and sit next to me. Now listen closely, for I have a story to tell. How many times have you heard a favorite aunt, uncle, grandparent, or life-long friend say those words to you. Just hearing their invitation brings on the anticipation of a wonderful memory, didn’t it.?

“Remember When…” has an intention to reminds us that we all have stories that we want to share with one another, loved ones, and family. Stories about the celebrations that brought us joy, and the stories of the challenges we overcame. More importantly, we have those stories we never want to forget. Stories we must capture so our loved ones can share with us, when the time comes when we may need to be prompted to remember even our own stories and our own legacy.

Coming up in Episode #1 – Falling Leaves

In this episode:

Grief has no timeline. Greif happens when it happens. It shows up when it supposed to show up. In this Episode Rev. Jack speaks about our grief and tells us how he handled it when it showed up unexpectedly while cleaning out a closet

Note: (c) 2022/2023 Rev. Jack Elliott. This essay introduces readers to the Remember When...? Podcast hosted by the Rev. Jack Elliott (RJ) and Kiki. It can be found on Spotify or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Be sure to like, share and subscribe on the podcast's platform so that you will be informed when new episodes drop. And you are welcome to comment on any of our posted essays! Let's keep the conversation going!

Our Sponsor for Remember When...?

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