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Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking!

Tools for traversing life's roughest terrains! Starting May 21st! Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking is a four- week program to help you transform a traumatic, “Dark Night” experience into a new beginning. We will be looking at possibilities and potentials and how we can have our circumstances without allowing them to have us.

We are all adjusting to new roles in this time of “social distancing.” COVID 19 is causing us to stay home and isolate. This gives us an opportunity to reflect and turn up the volume on what we know matters most in our lives: our health, our loved ones, and our reason for being alive on this planet at this time.

To support you during these challenging times, we are offering this program for anyone wanting some extra support right now. This is especially for you if you have been feeling:

· NOW is your time to prioritize and up-level your wellness practices, relationship tools, and work-life harmony.

· COVID 19 is causing extra stress and you would love some support and personal coaching to navigate all the many changes in your life right now.

· You want some tools and strategies to help boost your positive mindset and stay calm, confident, focused, and be your most resilient self during these turbulent times.

Week One – The Dark Night – In the first week, you will learn to use your Dark Night of the Soul as a forward-momentum builder. You will look at all the ups and down and find ways to relate to it that is empowering to you.

Week Two – The Hero’s Journey – In this week, you will learn the three major phases of the hero’s journey and discover opportunities and gifts to be received from the dark night.

Week Three – Harvesting The Good – This week you will learn to choose empowering perspectives and tools to neutralize the emotional charge of your dark night.

Week Four – An Opportunity for a New Beginning – In the final week, you will learn to transform your dark night experience into a new beginning and recognize when life is signaling you to get back on course. You also create a support structure for the changes you would love to implement in your life.

No more waiting

No more putting everyone else’s needs in front of you own

Now is your time to put yourself on the front burner

More info: ElderPride is proud to host this 4-week series with presenter Janis Richman and Continuum. Register today for this series at Eventbrite! Class begins at 5:00 pm PT on May 21st.

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