This is ElderPride!

Introducing the "This is ElderPride Video Podcast!

This November, ElderPride is pleased to feature our newest offering: the This is ElderPride Podcast. We begin with our author's round table with Rev. Jack. Our premier offerings are interviews with author's Joan Lester, Pamela Grimm and Deborah Perdue.

Up first is our latest video with author, Deborah Perdue. She joins Rev. Jack to discuss her book and upcoming classes at

And you won't want o miss Rev. Jack's interview (filmed for ElderPride 2021) with author Pamela Grimm.

And, you absolutely will not want to miss the interview with author Joan Lester as she discusses her newest book: "Loving Before Loving" with Rev. Jack at ElderPride 2021. Joan was the Keynote Speaker for this year's virtual gathering and conference.

Coming soon to will be Rev. Jack's series: My Life My Way. you won't want to miss it!

And, a special request: When you watch these videos on the ElderPride YouTube Channel: Please hit the "subscribe" button and the "like" button. And know that you comments are always welcome!

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