Today is What You Make of It!

Preload each day with at least 3 things you know will make you feel good - no matter what.

I begin each day with a routine that I know will create a pleasing atmosphere. I meditate. Pray affirmatively so that I might know what is mine to BE, DO and welcome whatever it is that the Universe will HAVE for me this day.

I always start the day making my bed; cleaning the kitchen, and opening the shades to let the sun in! I also, shower and shave. I put on my favorite cologne, even it I know that I may not seen another soul today. I NEVER wear the same thing two days in a row. If I do these things before I do anything else, I know that my day is off to a good start. What do you do to assure that today will be the best day that it can be? Share below.

If I find myself stuck, I sometimes pull out my affirmation cards authored by Louise Hay. Here's a short video on our YouTube Channel. Check it out!

Now, go have a blessed day! You got this! - Rev. Jack

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