Transgender Day of Remembrances

ElderPride joins CSL in their special event.

November 21, 2022 - International Day of Rememberence

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Ministers, Practitioners and CSL Community Members These events are closed captioned.

RegisterThe CSL Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee recognizes the Transgender Day of Remembrance with guest hosts Christine Monks, RScP, and Rev. Rafe Ellis.

Join us to honor and celebrate the courage and authenticity of the 361 transgender and gender-expansive people whose lives were lost to transphobia and violence in the past year.

Christine Renée Monks is a Religious Science practitioner, ministerial student, certified life coach, transgender activist and public speaker. Since her transition from male to female in 2017, she has found her voice in choral singing and trans advocacy. She currently sings with the Denver Women’s Chorus and the Mile Hi Church Choir, and she serves on the board of trustees for Mile Hi Church. She has given numerous “Trans 101” talks to groups interested in supporting the transgender community more fully. Her noble purpose is to share her lifelong gender dysphoria with the world in an authentic and vulnerable manner, promoting compassion and understanding between the cisgender and transgender communities to foster greater empathy and acceptance.

Rev. Rafe Ellis is the Senior Minister serving the Sierra Center for Spiritual Living. He has been an active member of CSL since 2003, in service as a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner at CSL Santa Rosa, Center for Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento and First Church of Religious Science. He previously served as the Senior Minister at Mountainside CSL in Placerville, CA. At the organizational level, Rev. Rafe has served as the chair of the CSL Diversity Inclusion Commission, a member of the CSL Nominating Council and a member of the CSL Events Committee.Email the CSL Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee:

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