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Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Self-Care

7 Self-Care Tips for Times Like These

Many nutritionists agree that in times like these, we must keep our attention on our intention to be on top of our self-care regimen.

I have summarized their recommendations into the 7 things you can do to support you in you goal to stay healthy.

Breathe- If you feel overwhelmed take in a deep breath from the belly, in through the nose while expanding the belly and bringing oxygen up to the lungs. Then gently exhale through the mouth.

Meditate- Take time to sit and be still. Don’t try to meditate for 30 minutes, simply endeavor to be still for 5 minutes. The goal is to relax. Look on YouTube for Meditation or Yoga for beginners.

Exercise - find a way to get 30 minutes of exercise every day. I have 3-steps from my den to my kitchen. I set a goal of going up and down these steps 10 times without using the handrail. I also practice standing up from the sofa without using my arms to push myself up. Think about taking masked walks in your neighborhood or take laps around your driveway or patio. Try dancing in your living room alone or on zoom with friends.

Sleep - Go to sleep earlier. We need sleep to rest and re-set. So, if you fall asleep with the TV on, put it on a timer so it shuts off 30 or 45 minutes later. Nutritionists suggest that you watch your caffeine and screen intake. They say to drink less caffeine and start winding down from screens an hour before bed. Try reading a book of affirmations, or poems to help you fall asleep. And monitor your news intake. One hour in the AM and no more than one hour in the evening and not a all before bedtime.

Eat more plants- Stay green and clean. Eat live foods. I think you’ll see that you feel better and eat smaller meals. Use a luncheon plate rather than the dinner plate. Dine at the table, not on a TV tray in front of the TV. Portion out your snacks for the day in a small Ziplock or storage sandwich size bag. Portion control is essential in times like there. Connect with your senses- Listen to nature. Bake bread, cookies or other foods that prompt your senses. Take a bath. Spray some essential oils. Smell the flowers. You can still smell them through your mask on that daily walk. And speaking of walking, make each step intentional. Move slowly, check to see of feel balanced. When you approach the intersection, pay attention to how deep the step is at the curb. Watch for uneven sidewalks.

Hydrate-Drink lots of water. Always have some tea and/or warm water at your access. Maybe make some old-fashion sun tea.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented self-care. You got this! Now go do something fun! - RJ

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