This is ElderPride

We are here to assist our elder brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ+ Community. That is our focus and that is our intention. The goal is to make this time, the best time, of your life! 

Our Programs

The 4 major offerings at ElderPride can be catagorized under the headings of Wisdom, Inspiration, Transformation and most importantly - Connection. We are growing this platform each and every day to offer even more ways for you to age forward with grace and ease. 



SageTalks, Podcasts, Articles and more.



Stories, Interviews, and insights from our LGBTQ+ leaders, advocates and legends.


Virtual Seminars, Workshops and Panel Discussions. Plus links to our on-line classess.

Be Empowered!

As our community grows, so does our offerings. Our intention is for your to Be Empowered to age forward with grace and ease. Below are just some of the ways we can assist in that endeavore. 

Spiritual Life Coaching

Rev. Jack offer one to one individualized coaching sessions to assist you to get from where you are to where you want to be in life. 
Coaching allows you to set an intention around relationship, money, career, health and wellbeing, and most especially your legacy. What did you come here to do?

CSL Certificated Classes

As an affiliate of the Centers for Spiritual Living ( ElderPride offers a variety of certificated classes offered by the robust curriculum offered at CSL. Each quarter ElderPride offers another amazing and transformative class to our LGBTQ_ Community.

Groups at ElderPride

Many of our community members gather in what's known as Mastermind Empowerment groups. Groungs are limited to six to ten people who are committed to taking a deeper dive into their understanding of how their world got to be the way that it is, and what is needed to get from where they are to where they want to be.


Community links to resources for better living is the goal of ElderPride. These resources will assist you to age forward with grace and ease. Local (SF/Oakland Bay Area, California, United States and even International links are available.

Wisdom in Living Classes
From ElderPride

I'ElderPride welcomes a variety of workshop leaders and facilitators to present their original work to our community.  These workshops., seminars, SageTalks and special presentations are exclusive to ElderPride.

ElderPride Ambassadors
Volunteer Opportunities

ElderPride is always seeking those that have a gift to share. Membership at ElderPride requires that you give of your time, talents and treasure. Those that give of their time and talents are known as Ambassadors. We'd love to have you join are volunteers and serve as an ElderPride Ambassador.

ElderPride 2021

Our Annual Conference and Gathering
June 24th - 26th, 2021. A Virtual Event Produced by ElderPride Inc.

Call for Proposals

We are seeking presenters, workshop leaders, panel moderators and key note speakers for this year's conference and gathering

EP 2021 Ambassadors Needed

EP Ambassadors are the team of volunteers who put it all together!  Bring your logistiecs, technologiy, administration and registration expertise to this year's event!

Call for Artist/Entertainers

We love our LGBTS+ Comedians, Musicians, Singers and Dancers. Let us know if you'd like to perform at this year's conference and gathering.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote your business or services by sponsor a variety of workshops, seminars and other events at the ElderPride 2021 Conference and Gathering.