Meet Our Wisdom Contributors

ElderPride's Adult Education activities are offered in various online SageTalks (think TedTalk), classes and workshops you can watch anytime! From time to time we also host live gatherings so that you can share the connections with other ElderPride members.  Here's a preview of what we have planned for Spring 2020! 

SageTalk with
Dr. Joan Lester

The Journey to Radical Self-Love


Joan Steinau Lester, Ed.D. the award-winning commentator, columnist, and author of six critically praised books. She brings her inspirational message of radical self-love to ElderPride's SageTalk: The Journey to Radical Self-Love. 

Martin Cowart

Financial Ad visor


“I am here to empower you to love yourself, know you are worthy, and show you how to take control of your
money and finances from the inside out.”  - Martin Cowart 

Martin connects with the ElderPride community via Facebook and his online SageTalk posts.
The Financial Mystics Sanctuary on Facebook

Janis Richman, RScP

Mastermind Leader​

“No matter who we are or where we’ve been, knowing our purpose is the key to a vibrant, fulfilling third chapter.  Retiring literally means “withdrawing” from our current life.  How do we REWIRE instead and move TOWARDS our elderhood.” Janis reminds us we all have a purpose, a genius zone that we would love to share with others.  Retiring is not an option – rewiring is! Her mastermind Group is now forming!

SageTalk with
Rev. Jack Elliott

Founder and Spiritual Director


"The most satisfying sound is the sound of your footsteps walking away from a relationship that no longer serves you." - Rev. Jack
Learn how every tier of friendship is a sacred relationship in Rev. Jack's SageTalk: My Circle of Friends