By Mike McLellan, Guest Contibutor


This week’s story: If someone suggests to you that Covid-19 is a hoax and vaccinations are a government plot, send them to me. There are two reasons I’d like to talk to them. First, as staff member at a hospital I learned that doctors and nurses do not dream up diseases and reasons to put people on ventilators. Second, 71 years ago before I could get vaccinated, I contracted polio virus. I have often wished it was not so.

You likely have seen old photos of iron lungs and kids in leg braces. You may even know that people who have had polio often have it return in later life. The other reality is that what polio has done will not likely be undone. It does not need to come back, as it never leaves.

My dad figured that my polio was over after the major symptoms subsided; he was impatient with my slowness. I was impatient too. Some things were dismissed as “growing pains”. The other players on the adult softball team wondered why I had to hit a homer to get to first base.


All these years, even after just getting up, my legs feel tired. My wife looks forward to the one dance I have in me at galas. I do not leave on a trip without a cane or walking stick.

We know that polio is caused by a virus. Covid-19 is a virus. You do not know its effect on you in ten or thirty years. Wear the mask and get vaccinated, for the sake of everyone else if not for yourself.

Or, do it for me. - Mike

Rev. Mike McLellan is a retired Presbyterian minister now serving in the Chaplin's Services offered by SutterHealth's Hospital in Tracy CA. He is a esteemed friend of the ElderPride Community. To reach Mike, email us at elderprideinfo@gmail.com